Who should join this IELTS Mock Test series?

Students who already know what to expect on IELTS. These students clearly know whether they are applying for IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training. Also, they know whether they are comfortable with IELTS computer-delivered test or IELTS paper-based test.

Why you must appear for IELTS Mock tests?

Tangible benefits

  • Realistic tests

    Our tests are designed to resemble IELTS closely. By solving them, you will be able to estimate your performance on the actual IELTS.

  • Insightful Evaluation

    Our experts evaluate your tests according to IELTS standards. After each test, you know your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Measurable progress

    We ensure that you see measurable progress in your mock tests by providing solutions to overcome your weaknesses.

How it is conducted?

A systematic way of ensuring at least 1 band increase in your score.

  • Appear for the test. All tests follow the actual IELTS format.

  • Book an appointment with our expert using the links after the test.

  • Get one on one feedback on all 4 sections on a zoom call.

What is covered?

Learn about the features of the mock tests.

  • 5 mock tests

    Both formats are available. IELTS Computer Delivered and IELTS Paper-Based.

  • One on one feedback

    Get one on one live feedback from IELTS experts on each mock test.

  • All 4 sections covered

    Solve Listening, Reading, and Writing sections. Appear for the Speaking test during the feedback session.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    General Training Mock test 1

    • General Training Mock test 1

  • 2

    General Training Mock test 2

    • General Training Mock test 2

  • 3

    General Training Mock test 3

    • General Training Mock test 3

  • 4

    General Training Mock Test 4

    • General Training Mock Test 4

  • 5

    General Training Mock Test 5

    • General Training Mock Test 5


  • How many tests will I get?

    You will get exactly 5 mock tests on IELTS General Training module.

  • Do you offer IELTS Computer Delivered test?

    Yes, our mock tests are available in both formats. IELTS Computer-delivered as well as IELTS paper-based.

  • Can I solve both IELTS CDT and IELTS PBT?

    We advise sticking to only one format. That way we find it easy to give you feedback.

  • How many feedback will I get?

    You will get 5 feedbacks. Each feedback is meant to evaluate your performance on one mock test.

  • Can you evaluate my extra essays?

    We will evaluate your performance on mock tests only. However, if our trainers ask you to rewrite a task, we will evaluate the same writing task free of cost.

  • Will I benefit from these mock tests?

    Yes, if you follow the instructions that our trainers provide, we have observed that students score improve by about 1 band.

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.