Steps to complete the course

Our course takes you step by step through 5 essential steps to master IELTS.

  • Step 1: Watch Lectures

    Understand each concept in detail. And, learn about the question types and strategies to solve them.

  • Step 2: Solve Questionnaires

    Questionnaires check how much do you recollect from the lecture. If you fail the questionnaire go back to the lecture. If you passed it, go to the next step.

  • Step 3: Answer assignments

    We have designed assignments that break down the strategy into small steps. Also, we offer hints on each of these steps. As a result, you will be able to master all the tactics while solving the assignments.

  • Step 4: Practice tests

    Practice tests have softer time restrictions. The main aim of these tests is to ensure that you recall the strategies that you have already learnt.

  • Step 5: Mock tests

    This step is essential to ensure that you can take the actual exam pressure. If you are preparing for paper-based test, you will be able to take a paper-based test as well.


What are students say about us

“A big thanks to the entire staff of Career Care, without you all it was not possible for me to get a 7.5 band score in IELTS. The techniques taught were great and the results on applying those were simply amazing! The drills and mock tests were really helpful in finding out the difficulties and tackling them accordingly. Once again thank you so much Career Care team, you guys are the best!!”

Pranav Mahamuni

“I was just Zero in spoken English when I had joined Career Care, but the way Entire staff have given excellent guidance and speaking concept write from basics that helped me grow very faster and am much more confident now. Many thanks to Niraj Sir for all the personal touch and busting me in every Minor steps of IELTS.”

Maharsh Guntuk

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